Aggregate Calculator

An aggregate calculator is a tool that calculates the aggregate of Entry test marks, Fsc Marks and Matric Marks. It can also be called a Merit Calculator.

Calculating aggregate manually is a very tough job and most students face this issue. Resultpedia Aggregate Calculator help medical students in this aspect. with our pre-design automated calculator, you can easily find your merit score.

How does Aggregate Calculator work?

there can be 2 formulas, one is the sum of:

  • 10% Matric Marks
  • 40% Fsc Marks
  • 50% entry test Marks

Another formula can be  the sum of:

  • 50% entry test Marks
  • 50% Fsc marks.

Students can Calculate their Merit for UHS, KMU, PMC.

This is a General Aggregate calculator which can be utilized by any Medical or Engineering Student.

The MDCAT Merit Calculator is also the name for this aggregate calculator.