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Aggregate Calculator

An aggregate calculator is a tool that calculates the aggregate of Entry test marks, Fsc Marks and Matric Marks. It can also be called a Merit Calculator.

Calculating aggregate manually is a very tough job and most students face this issue. Resultpedia Aggregate Calculator help medical students in this aspect. with our pre-design automated calculator, you can easily find your merit score.


How does Aggregate Calculator work?

there can be 2 formulas, one is the sum of:

  • 10% Matric Marks
  • 40% Fsc Marks
  • 50% entry test Marks

Another formula can be  the sum of:

  • 50% entry test Marks
  • 50% Fsc marks.

Students can Calculate their Merit for UHS, KMU, and PMC.

This is a General Aggregate calculator which can be utilized by any Medical or Engineering Student.

The MDCAT Merit Calculator is also the name for this aggregate calculator.

Now You can also use our fresh MDCAT Aggregate Marks Calculator which provides you with the ability to calculate required Mdcat Marks for a specific Percentage.