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Your MDCAT Queries Answered-2021 and Onwards

Your MDCAT Queries Answered -MDCAT 2021

No doubt MDCAT 2020 was the most controversial MDCAT in the history. Students suffered a lot due to PMC’s worst policies. This experience of MDCAT 2020 is creating a lot of confusions among freshers as well as repeaters for MDCAT 2021. They are expecting more and more blunders from PMC. And they are really worried about their future. But, again, we are here, to help you out and answer your MDCAT queries . We shall guide you about all of your queries. Just read this article completely.

MDCAT Queries 2021:

We are going to guide you with all of your MDCAT queries. Just read this article completely.

Online/Paper base???

A very common question is circulating around social media that, will the MDCAT 2021 be online or paper base?? VP PMC Ali Raza 1st proposed the idea and aim of online MDCAT in a press briefing after MDCAT 2020. But, PMC confirmed this thing  in 5th council meeting minutes. These meeting minutes are available on PMC’s official website. Click Here, to read these minutes yourself.

While discussing the issues of MDCAT 2020, it is mentioned that from next year, which obviously means MDCAT 2021, will be conducted as an online computer base exam instead of a paper base test. The exact sentence used by PMC is mentioned below:

“By next year, an online exam facility will be in place nationwide and
internationally, students would be able to take the exam online and result
will be generated by the computer immediately after the test.”

So, from this sign, we can conclude that PMC wants to conduct an online MDCAT in 2021. But still it is a question mark that, will PMC be able to conduct a free and fair online MDCAT??? But as far as the question of possibility of online MDCAT is concerned, yes, it is quite possible to conduct an online MDCAT. In Pakistan, many tests are conducted online. By doing collaboration with Virtual University, PMC can easily do it. Because, Virtual University is having its campuses in almost every district and tehsil of Pakistan. And it is having enough resources to conduct an online MDCAT.

How online tests are conducted???

When a student first time hears the word of online MDCAT, he thinks that it must be like an online game that can be played from the comfort of your home and your own mobile. But, actually, online MDCAT or any online competitive exam does not mean it at all. Online competitive test actually means an observed online Test on computers, but not on your personal computer. Actually in such an online test, you have to go to a test centre, but that test centre is just like a computer lab, But these computers are specially programmed to conduct tests. You can not use any other software on that computer during test.

For better understanding of an online test, you should experience initial test of AMC medical cadets, PMA Long course initial test or PAF initial test. Anyone of them, but you should experience at least one of them before appearing in an online MDCAT. Last year ECAT was also conducted online. So, if ECAT is also conducted online this year, you can also experience it, because, now pre-medical students can also appear in ECAT to apply for bio-medical engineering.

How to prepare for an online test???

Online tests are very different from paper base tests. Many students are afraid of online MDCAT. But, you don’t need to panic at all. Just be prepared for it, mentally as well as preparation and practise wise. Many academies provide an online LMS system for MDCAT study as well as practise. So, you can join anyone of them. Moreover, if online MDCAT is 100% confirmed by PMC, we will especially guide you about it later.

When MDCAT 2021 will be conducted???

A very common question is asked by students that, when MDCAT 2021 will be conducted most probably. First, it is too early to announce any exact date for MDCAT 2021, because FSC exams are not conducted yet, and COVID-19 3rd wave is on its way. But, in my opinion, you can expect MDCAT 2021 in September or October. But, like MDCAT 2020, it can also be delayed due to COVID-19 or PMC’s worst policies. So, keep all the facts in your mind.

MDCAT Syllabus 2021???

MDCAT 2021 syllabus is not announced yet, but repeaters are very much worried about it. So, I will recommend all repeaters to prepare the whole book. Infact, they should also go for improvement of FSC marks, if they can. But, keep in mind one thing, although some people are saying that syllabus will not be announced by PMC for MDCAT 2021, I still think that there are 90% chances that syllabus will be announced. There are also chances that it will be the same as that of MDCAT 2020. So, your main focus for MDCAT should be the syllabus of MDCAT 2020.

Should you study federal books???

After MDCAT 2020, a very important question is in students mind that, should they study federal books for MDCAT preparation??? In my opinion, there are two answers to this question. First, if you are a repeater, and you are only preparing MDCAT, then yes, you should consult federal books. But, if you are a fresher or if you are a repeater but also improving FSC, then you should not use federal books.


Most recommended books for MDCAT prepration 2022


Smart Strategy:

Now, I will suggest a smart strategy to repeaters, but it is all your choice to follow it or not. I will recommend you that, if you are a repeater, first you should cover MDCAT 2020 syllabus from your own province book and then cover it from the federal books. And do not cover the topics that are not mentioned in MDCAT 2020 syllabus. But, after the announcement of the MDCAT 2021 syllabus, if those topics are present, you will be able to cover them easily.

Having Queries???

If you are having any queries regarding this article, feel free to ask them in the comments, I (Dr. Handsome) will answer them myself as always. And most importantly, also give your feedback about this article in the comments. It really motivates me to write for you more and more.

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23 thoughts on “Your MDCAT Queries Answered-2021 and Onwards”

    1. They should prefer their own books…but they can also consult PTB, depending upon available time.

  1. Sit I am doing mbbs from private institution.
    I want to give mdcat again.
    I was already a repeater.
    What’s your suggestion about this
    Kindly sir guide me?

    1. If you think that you can do it, if u trust yourself and your Allah, then surely go for it… wishing best of luck to you….

  2. Sir I am doing mbbs from private institute in 1st year. I want to give mdcat again.
    What’s your suggestion regarding this?
    Kindly sir guide me

    1. If you think that you can do it, if u trust yourself and your Allah, then surely go for it… wishing best of luck to you….

    1. Pre medical student can apply for ECAT as a candidate of bio medical engineering…
      the test date of ECAT has been announced a few days ago. Kindly visit UET website to get further details.

  3. Thank you for such a relieving information for mdcat survivors!
    Sir my question is really simple will aggregate be higher in 2k21 ??

    1. Dear Sherjan, we can not predict anything about aggregate or closing merit before test, because all these things depend upon the difficulty level of the test.

  4. Jazakallah kheran kaseera.
    Allah almighty make u able to help students more and bless u with success.Ameen.

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