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4 Top Fields for FSc Pre Medical Students

4 Top Fields for FSc Pre Medical Students

There are hundreds of fields for  FSc pre medical students, Like:

  • CSS
  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • DVM
  • BANK
  • Agriculture Sciences


4 Top Fields for FSc Pre Medical Students

These are the 4 top fields for Pre-medical students after FSc/ Intermediate other than MBBS, BDS, and DVM. Students should know about the scope and career of these fields.


Doctor in Pharmacy is a five-year D Pharmacy undergraduate program consisting of ten semesters. Well, Pharmacy offers a career in D Healthcare. The Pharmacy degree has certain terms and conditions as students may have a media background to enter the D Pharmacy program. This degree is globally recognized, internationally, and in Pakistan. In this program, your candidate will pass a theoretical and practical exam process. This course aims to change people’s minds and educate people about medicine.

D Pharmacy is a valuable degree in the field of medicine. Recently D Pharmacy has attracted the attention of applicants. Applicants are required to read the admission requirements and fee structures of various universities before admission.

The application process varies from university to university. Some universities accept applications through a prospectus, while others accept online applications. Applicants must obtain the prospectus at the administrative office. Applicants will visit an official college or university and register themselves by email. Candidates are assigned a password and applicants can apply online and access the application. Upload a picture of the crime, complete the online application form, and submit. Fees will be emailed within ten days.

Eligibility criteria

    • Applicants must have pass intermediate in FSC ( Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
    • Course duration is five years
    • Minimum 60 % marks in FSC

Career opportunities in D Pharmacy:

Applicants for D Pharmacist can participate in several subjects in the medical department. They can participate in the pharmaceutical industry as pharmacists in government or private hospitals, drug examiners, Pakistan drug regulators, and many other fields that can enter a candidate for a pharmacy. D Pharmacy is a program for a medical agency and has a wide scope in the field of medicine. Applicants from D Pharmacy have good career opportunities.


It is a four-year undergraduate program. (Honors) and stands for Bachelors of Pharmacy. ThereMany pharmaceutical colleges in Pakistan. The biggest difference between Pharm-D and B-Pharm is that it is a B level course, which can later open up your pharmacy or pharmacy or be a person helping senior pharmaceutical doctors in pharmaceutical laboratories. Moreover, from a good earning perspective, it is a better degree program compared to an associate degree program, which cannot give you a good package and salary.

Eligibility criteria:

As this is an undergraduate plan, it is necessary to meet the following admission requirements to apply to this college or university.

    • Applicants must have pass intermediate
    • Students after studying ICS, I.Com, FA, and FSc Pre-Medical can apply
    • FSC pre-medical students are preferred

Study Plan of B-PHARMACY:

Bachelors of Pharmacy ( B Pharmacy in Pakistan) is a four-year undergraduate program. (Previously two years), which has four semesters and varies from university to university or institution. The complete study plan consists of a health care subject and a curriculum where students study methods for formulating specific treatments for specific diseases. You will also study the chemical formulas for the preparation of various drugs after being appropriately certified by the Pakistan Pharmacy Council. This field aims to pursue a career in pharmacy after a mid-year without a pre-medical major. Simply put, if a student has an I.Com qualification, even a B-pharmacy can apply.


A bachelor’s degree in Pakistan starts after a successful middle degree. At this level, students choose to study an area of interest or periodically. A bachelor’s degree is usually the main path of a student’s life. After a successful period, students will be able to reach the university in their preferred field of study or choose their field of study.

Biotechnology is a combination of two subjects – biology and technology. Broadly speaking, it combines concepts in biology and engineering and aims to combine ideas from these two subjects to enrich our lives and to develop innovation. In simple words, biotechnology is about transforming or improving living things for human purposes. The main purpose of this field of science is to create useful products. (Of living beings) or to improve living things, which in turn leads to adding value.

Eligibility Criteria

12th Science Stream students are eligible for this course. Students of the entire PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) group, as well as PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), are eligible for this course.

Students are required to take national and national admission tests for admission to government-approved institutions.

Program duration

The B.Sc. (hones) Biotechnology program is a four-year, project, theory, practice, and research – all of these sections must be covered during these 4 years.


Career In Biotechnology – 7 Great Ways


career prospects and job opportunities in Biotechnology:

Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving sector. Progress is taking place at a leap in this sector, large companies invest a lot of money, and new business opportunities are developing in this sector. Some of the more prominent industries that biotechnology professionals can find jobs for are the pharmaceutical, healthcare, chemical, and research industries.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered Accounting is one of the most prestigious courses in the commercial stream but students are afraid to take the course because it takes a long time. There is a myth that Chartered Accountancy has a long duration compared to other professional programs. The duration of the CA course will increase with the number of attempts.

CA course duration after Intermediate:

The total duration of the CA course after intermediate can be estimated at 4.5 years, the only challenge is that you have to complete all the levels the first time.  Because every attempt will add six months to the course.

CA course duration after Graduation:

Graduates can directly apply for CA Intermediate without having to pass entry-level like the CA Foundation.  They must pass nine months of article training to appear on the CA intermediate exam and before the practical training begins they must go through the ITT and OT program. The total length of time to complete a CA program after completing the course is approximately 3 years, although 3 years is the minimum. But each effort will add up to your six months.

CA Foundation:

The CA Foundation is an entry-level test based on the Chartered Accountancy curriculum. Students after 12th can for a CA course. After enrollment, they must have received four months of education to appear on the CA Foundation exam.

CA Intermediate:

CA Intermediate is the second test after the CA Foundation. After qualifying for the CA Foundation, you must register for the CA Intermediate. Upon completion of the registration, applicants must have eight months of study time to appear on the CA Intermediate exam.


Students are required to complete 100 hours of information technology and one wone-workstation program before the start of article training. Most students complete such training while waiting for intermediate CA results.

Article ship Training

3 years of practical training is a mandatory part of the duration of the CA course. Students are eligible to register for Article School when they pass one or both of the CA Intermediates.

CA Final

CA Final is the final exam in the Chartered Accountancy course. Students can register for a final CA after clearing both groups of CA Intermediates. May appear on the CA final exam in the last six months of article training.

You will become a Chartered Accountant when you clear both the CA Final and article training.

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