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16th interview with a Repeater Student [963 Fsc]

we organized a 3 day Q& A session with MDCAT/FSc Repeaters. This is the 16th interview with a Repeater Student.

below are some Questions & Answers which will be helpful for Fresh students to take the decision to Repeat a year.

Question 1: Write down your Short interview. (Name, city, etc…)

Answer: Amna Ahmad, Bahawalpur, punjab

Question 2: you consider yourself as:

Answer: Average

Question 3: Your FSc Marks?

Answer: 963

Question 4: Did you improve FSc marks?

Answer: Yes

Question 5: You are utilizing one/two extra years of life. why are you so passionate about MBBS?

Answer: Mbbs is my dream since childhood and i can’t give up so easily

Question 6: Is MBBS is your own choice or family influenced you?

Answer: I think both

Question 7: Was it your own choice to repeat or someone else?

Answer: My own

Question 8: why didn’t you opt for other fields even after the first failure?

Answer: I wasn’t interested in any other field

Question 9: How much time a repeater student gives to his study?

Answer: 12 hours during starting and the same during revision

Question 10: what are the difference b/w fresh fsc student life and Repeater students?

Answer: Freshers take fsc as a paki pakaai kheer ky ap ny aksar suna hoga unky kehty huye ky paper halwa tha lekin jb result ata hai tb ankhein khulti hain. Repeaters mehnat karty hain aik sal lga kar har cheez ko bht qareeb sy dekhty hain aur sb sy imp paper ko halwa nai kehty

Question 11: what type of pressure did you felt during the repeat year?

Answer: Merit pressure always depress me. During this year freshers have much marks in fsc rather than the past students

Question 12: How did your friends and family treat you in the repeat year?

Answer: Bht buray tareeqay sy. Mtlb kafi friends ny chor dia kiun ky mein unky level ki abb nai rae thi as i was repeater. Family yehi kehti thi ky parh leti parha kiun nai. In the end nobody supported me. I got 162 marks in mcat that were not less. Mtlb parhy beghair koi itny nai ly skta lekin family ko kn smjhaye

Question 13: How did you handle social stress?

Answer: The most difficult thing as a repeater. Listening to the Motivational speaker , and the right person that can help you in getting out pf this

Question 14: what mistakes a fresh student make?

Answer: Some students take it halwa and and some take it very difficult to get through it. Both things are not good. Overconfidence is the main reason and the pride on the fsc marks.

Question 15: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If not then why?

Answer: Yes i would. As i also did that. But if the student had 900 below than plz don’t get into the mdcat for mbbs or bds. Game is much complicated as merit is too high . last year i had 78.7% and i didn’t get admission in a pvt sector clg.

So think about it that if you are able get 91% above after repeating with a margin easily then go for it. Yeh nai ky mein mcat mein full lun ga to 91% above bn jyein to admission ho jaye ga aesi soch na rakhein 180or 190 y skty hain to repeat karein aur fsc mein 1000 above to ap game mein hain nai to bs phir apny ap ko side py lga smjh ein jo apko koi bhi lga skta hai

Question 16: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If yes then why?

Answer: Yes a student should repeat. On the behalf of the mindset that he is capable to get 91% above marks. By improving his or her fsc marks and then working hard tl get 180 marks in mdcat

Question 17: If after giving yourself another chance, you didn’t achieve your Goal the what will you Go for?

Answer: I will go for pvt sector.

Question 18: Is Admission to MBBS possible by just hard work?

Answer: Strongly agree

Question 19: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by Luck?

Answer: Strongly agree

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