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Interview 21: Story of a medical student [985 Fsc]

We organized a 3-day Q& A session with MDCAT/FSc Repeaters. This is the 21st interview with a Repeater Student. The story of a medical student like her will inspire you to become a doctor through hard work and dedication.

Below are some Questions & Answers which will be helpful for Fresh students to take the decision to Repeat a year.

Question 1: Do you consider yourself as:

Answer: Average

Question 2: Your FSc Marks?

Answer: 985

Question 3: Did you improve your FSc marks?

Answer: Yes

Question 4: You are utilizing one/two extra years of life. why are you so passionate about MBBS?

Answer: Junoon hay mbbs

Question 5: Is MBBS is your own choice or family influenced you?

Answer: My own choice

Question 6: Was it your own choice to repeat or someone else?

Answer: My own choice

Question 7: why didn’t you opt for other fields even after the first failure?

Answer: Mbbs k elawa mere dunia khatam

Question 8: How much time a repeater student gives to his study?

Answer: Sbh fajr k bd prhna shuru kr do beech ma rest b maro namaz lazmi prhni ha mobile kam hee use kro frndz bss unhi sa rabta rkho jo ap ko support kray study ma wrna baki sab kuch chor do

Question 9: what are the difference b/w fresh fsc students life and Repeater students?

Answer: Repeat krnay sa insan k pas time boht hota ha to wo aik topic ka postmartum kr k rkh data ha aik aik line sa 10 10 mcq bana lata ha jis sa faida ye hota ha k jitnaaa b mushkil mcq aye wo easy ho jata ha jb k freshers k pas time kam hota….

Question 10: what type of pressure did you felt during the repeat year?

Answer: Logo ki batain
Zara B ghor nahi krna in pa
Ap ko rona b aye ga
Ap ki himmat b jawab da da ge
But Allah par twaql kr k agay brhty jana ha .


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Question 11: How did your friends and family treat you in the repeat year?

Answer: Mama baba na boht support kia
Dosto ka isi phase ma pata chala
Sab mtlbi thay
Chor gaye
So avoid fair weather friends

Question 12: How did you handle social stress?

Answer: Allah hay naw meray sth mjhy kisi ki koi prwah nahi.
Bss yhee kaha krti thee

Question 13: what mistakes a fresh student make?

Answer: Practice nahi krtay …

Question 14: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If not then why?

Answer: Agr shauk ha to zrooor

Question 15: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If yes then why?

Answer: Shauk ka koi mol nahi
Zindagi seekhnay ka hee name ha
Agr ap repeat krtay ho r seekhny ki b justuju ha to ap is phase ma itnaaa kuch seekho ga k khood hairaan reh jao ga.

Question 16: If after giving yourself another chance, you didn’t achieve your Goal the what will you Go for?

Answer: D pharmacy
Best ha
Dpt 5 saal zaya krny wali bat
Agr private ki himmat ha to mat chorna seat
Agr bds ma merit bnta ha to wo b na chorna.

Question 17: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by just hard work?

Answer: Agree

Question 18: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by Luck?

Answer: Agree

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6 thoughts on “Interview 21: Story of a medical student [985 Fsc]”

  1. Actually I prepared without any academy.In matric I got 1068 only by self without any academy.In fsc I didnot joine academy,even for the test session.For mdcat I thought I can do it bu self but I couldnot make it.Academies were charging 30k or more.Any website for free learning?

    1. saeed mdcat.. they provide free video lectures and free tests of KIPS, STARS and STEP
      also expert mdcat they provide free test session (only 500 to 1000 registration fee)

  2. I secured 468 in 11 and 1039 in fsc.But I scored only 155/200 in National mdcat 2020.What should I do.Iam thinking that I should repeat.some guidance plz?

    1. repeat only if you are determined enough to study for atleast 12 hours everyday.. working extra hard and grip on the concepts is the key.. also practice of mcqs

  3. Student should mention improved marks n ya b batana chaiay ka admission hua MBBS ma ya nahi in repeaters ka.

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