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Interview 34: A Story of Girl from Multan

we organized a 3 day Q& A session with MDCAT/FSc Repeaters. This is the 34th interview with a Repeater Student.

below are some Questions & Answers which will be helpful for Fresh students to take the decision to Repeat a year.

Success Story of Girl from Multan

Question 1: you consider yourself as:

Answer: Average

Question 2: Your FSc Marks?

Answer: 1029

Question 3: Did you improve FSc marks?

Answer: Yes

Question 4: You are utilizing one/two extra years of life. why are you so passionate about MBBS?

Answer: I m passionate for mbbs just because of my own dreams and secondly the spark i m gonna see in my parents eyes after becoming the part of this profession will give me eternal peace.

Question 5: Is MBBS is your own choice or family influenced you?

Answer: Yes,MBBS is my own choice when i first time failed they asked me either to go for private mbbs or any other field which i m interested in.

Question 6: Was it your own choice to repeat or someone else?

Answer: Yes, it was totaly my own choice my family never pressurized me to to repeat.

Question 7: why didn’t you opt for other fields even after the first failure?

Answer: As i have seen people helping out and serving people after becoming the part of this profession so i decided to give my self another chance and become the part of these people.

Question 8: How much time a repeater student gives to his study?

Answer: There is no limitation until they are not satisfied with the quality of their studies it may exceed more than 15hrs or 18hrs depending on quality and target.

Question 9: what are the difference b/w fresh fsc student life and Repeater students?

Answer: Fresh students is actually not aware of the mdcat basics he takes it as fsc and secondly in the beginning he is confused what to do how to study .

Question 10: what type of pressure did you felt during the repeat year?

Answer: Social,relatives even sometimes u are feeling so down that u start saying to urself that this is not ur game u a re failure.Inshort every day is a new challenge for repeator.

Question 11: How did your friends and family treat you in the repeat year?

Answer: U have no friend in repeat year every one moves on considering u a failure. second those who are with u giving themselves another chance consider u their enemy.Relatives just ask acha mbbs krna h and the way they say these words make u feel the worst person on earth.

Question 12: How did you handle social stress?

Answer: The only relation i had was with Allah and my parents so i every time i felt down demotivated and hopeless i went for Namaz and Quran as i had no other option to speak my heart out.

Question 13: what mistakes a fresh student make?

Answer: He keeps on cramming books notes instead of understanding he collects mcqs guidebooks and major lack of practice.

Question 14: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If not then why?

Answer: No never bcz its not easy to step back listening to ur realtives and freinds .It gives them a chance to judge u for no reason and u become mentally depressed and ill.My family dr once said that u are depressed the way u smile says it all.

Question 15: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If yes then why?

Answer: Yes,he/she can handle all kind of pressure and has control on nerves then it is not bad to give urself another chance and secondly if family agrees.

Question 16: If after giving yourself another chance, you didn’t achieve your Goal the what will you Go for?

Answer: I will go for private if still Allah has not written it for me then surely graduation and then CSS.In the end it is all what my Allah has decided for me.

Question 17: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by just hard work?

Answer: Agree

Question 18: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by Luck?

Answer: Strongly agree


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