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Interview 36: A Story of Girl from Mianwali [923 Fsc]

We organized a 3-day Q& A session with MDCAT/FSc Repeaters. This is the 36th interview with a Repeater Student. This story of  girl will inspire you to ace mdcat and related tests.

Below are some Questions & Answers which will be helpful for Fresh students to take the decision to Repeat a year.

Question 1: you consider yourself as:

Answer: Average

Question 2: Your FSc Marks?

Answer: 923

Question 3: Did you improve FSc marks?

Answer: Yes

Question 4: You are utilizing one/two extra years of life. why are you so passionate about MBBS?

Answer: There are several reasons.
1. My parents want to see me as doctor. So, their wish is mine.
2. I wanted to be a doctor since childhood so, I wanted to fulfill my childhood wish.
3. By becoming a doctor, I want to help humanity.
4. I want to make my parents proud of me and have to show my family that it is possible to do anything if you’re willing to do.
5. Lastly, I want to wear white coat of doctors and their stethoscope.

Question 5: Is MBBS is your own choice or family influenced you?

Answer: It’s my own choice

Question 6: Was it your own choice to repeat or someone else?

Answer: My own

Question 7: why didn’t you opt for other fields even after the first failure?

Answer: I did. But after 2nd time failure. I joined university for international relations.

Question 8: How much time a repeater student gives to his study?

Answer: It varies but I give atleast 10 11 hours a day.

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Question 9: what are the difference b/w fresh fsc student life and Repeater students?

Answer: Fresh students don’t know the actual competition of entry. They think that it is just like Fsc exams so most of them looked relaxed while repeaters know the actual competition of test. They handle social, mental, and health stress alot.

Question 10: what type of pressure did you feel during the repeat year?

Answer: No pressure at all, but the way my parents encouraged me, I pressurized myself to do well this time.

Question 11: How did your friends and family treat you in the repeat year?

Answer: They were all cooperative and they didn’t even make me realize that I scored less in Fsc or in first attempt.

Question 12: How did you handle social stress?

Answer: Thankfully! I didn’t experience any social stress.

Question 13: what mistakes does a fresh student make?

Answer: 1. Didn’t take much serious
2. Ignore book lines
3. Think it is just like Fsc
4. Gets confused on test day
5. Bubble filling mistakes (the big one)

Question 14: would you suggest a student repeat a year? If not then why?

Answer: Both. No for those who don’t want to do MBBS and they are just doing this for the sake of their parents.


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Question 15: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If yes then why?

Answer: Yes for those who willingly want to be a doctor and becoming a doctor is their passion. But I will also prefer them to take admission in any other field also and keep preparing for the test at the same time.

Question 16: If after giving yourself another chance, you didn’t achieve your Goal the what will you Go for?

Answer: I will give myself another chance but at the same time I will opt for another option.

Question 17: Is Admission to MBBS possible by just hard work?

Answer: Neutral

Question 18: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by Luck?

Answer: Neutral


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