Interview 55: A Story of Boy from Nankana Sahib [868 Fsc]

we organized a 3 day Q& A session with MDCAT/FSc Repeaters. This is the 55th interview with a Repeater Student.

below are some Questions & Answers which will be helpful for Fresh students to take the decision to Repeat a year.

Question 1: you consider yourself as:

Answer: brilliant

Question 2: Your FSc Marks?

Answer: 868

Question 3: Did you improve FSc marks?

Answer: No

Question 4: You are utilizing one/two extra years of life. why are you so passionate about MBBS?

Answer: My purpose of life is only to deserve needy people. Otherwise I don’t want anything in my life.

Question 5: Is MBBS is your own choice or family influenced you?

Answer: My own choice

Question 6: Was it your own choice to repeat or someone else?

Answer: It is my own choice even after repeating.

Question 7: why didn’t you opt for other fields even after the first failure?

Answer: Bcz it is my passion to deserve people in any way

Question 8: How much time a repeater student gives to his study?

Answer: I gave time approximately 5hours per day

Question 9: what are the difference b/w fresh fsc student life and Repeater students?

Answer: Fresh students are not much concious than repeaters

Question 10: what type of pressure did you felt during the repeat year?

Answer: I don’t feel any pressure during repeating year

Question 11: How did your friends and family treat you in the repeat year?

Answer: They were all courgeous

Question 12: How did you handle social stress?

Answer: I handled the social pressure with my passionful ideas bcz I am hopeful about my future plan bcz I only trust on Allah . And I wished help only From Allah.

Question 13: what mistakes a fresh student make?

Answer: They consider the Mdcat study same as fsc and matric

Question 14: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If not then why?

Answer: I suggest a student to repeat ane year.

Question 15: would you suggest a student to repeat a year? If yes then why?

Answer: I suggest a student to repeat one year more bcz during repeating year he can get more time to prepare test and to learn something from social pressure.I

Question 16: If after giving yourself another chance, you didn’t achieve your Goal the what will you Go for?

Answer: I will choose that field which provide me more chances to deserve needy people. Bcz my starting , intermediate and final aim is only to deserve people . Bcz I feel contentment only in deserving mankind. It is also the aim of my father.

Question 17: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by just hard work?

Answer: Strongly disagree

Question 18: Is Admission to MBBS is possible by Luck?

Answer: Neutral

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