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2023 MDCAT Aggregate Calculator: Find Merit

MDCAT aggregate calculator 2021

Result Pedia updated its old MDCAT aggregate calculator to help medical students to calculate their MDCAT aggregate. Because it has been a week since the announcement of the MDCAT or NMDCAT( National Medical and Dental College Admission Test) result 2021. But still, most of the students are having difficulty in aggregate calculations, of MDCAT result 2021, to get admission to medical colleges

Other online MDCAT aggregate calculators are available, but the problem is that they are outdated and calculate aggregate based on previous formulas used by medical and dental colleges formerly.

With the latest MDCAT aggregate calculator, 2021 medical students can get their aggregate in no time and according to the new policies of medical colleges.

Latest features of the MDCAT aggregate calculator

According to the new formula marks of only elective subjects shall be counted while calculating the MDCAT aggregate. Many of the students are confused regarding the formula. Our MDCAT aggregate calculator has made the calculation easier. To calculate the aggregate add the total marks of F.Sc elective subjects instead of putting combined F.Sc numbers constituting all the subjects.

Students can now calculate their NUMS test aggregate with our MBBS aggregate calculator as well.
It is an additional feature with which students can take out aggregate for different medical college admission tests in one place.

With the MDCAT merit calculator, F.Sc medical students can get the aggregate with or without adding their matric marks depending upon the division of grades.

Last but not least, the other important feature of the MDCAT Aggregate calculator 2022 is its accuracy and faster speed.

Recommended Books for MDCAT

Criteria for calculating MDCAT aggregate

Criteria for selection in medical colleges differ based on the division of marks. Usually, the division criteria involve two basic formulas. The two are:

Numbers obtained in F.Sc or equivalent=50%
Marks obtained in the entrance test =50%


Marks obtained in matric or equivalent=10%
Marks obtained in F.Sc or equivalent=40%
Numbers obtained in F.Sc or equivalent=50%

You can calculate the aggregate for different medical colleges such as NUMS with our aggregate calculator even if the criteria for the division of marks differ.

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How to calculate the aggregate using the latest version?

It’s super easy because there is no science in it. All you need to do is enter your F.Sc marks and select the total F.Sc numbers depending upon your electives. Then add your MDCAT test sums to know your aggregate. There is also an option in the aggregate calculator, which allows you to calculate aggregate with or without matric. Select “With matric” if you intend to calculate the aggregate for MBBS 2022 along with the matric marks.

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Our aggregate calculator is a super easy and accurate tool for medical college entrance tests aggregate calculations. Result Pedia works deliberately to keep its visitors updated with the latest tools and information.

Contact us for any queries relating to MDCAT results and aggregate calculations. Don’t forget to share your positive feedback with us.


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