Medical Colleges Affiliated With NUMS

The medical colleges that are associated with the NUMS are given below. These colleges association is updated after the new admission policy of the PMC. PMDC has gone now.

Medical Colleges Under NUMS:

According to the new PMC Admission rules and regulations, the National University of Medical Sciences(NUMS) is the admitting university. The list of Medical colleges under NUMS are given below;

  1. CMH Institute Of Medical College in Bahawalpur
  2. Army Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi
  3. CMH Lahore Medical & Dental College in Lahore
  4. Combined Institute of Medical Sciences in Multan
  5. Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Karachi
  6. Bahria Medical College in Karachi
  7. CMH Medical College in Kharian
  8. Wah Medical College in Wah Cant
  9. CMH Kharian Medical College,
  10. HITEC Institute Of Medical Sciences in Taxila
  11. Quetta Institute of Medical College (QIMS) in Quetta

Total 11 Medical Colleges are affiliated under NUMS Affiliated Medical Colleges.

10 are private sector and 1 in Public Sector Medical School.

Army Medical College is not the private sector. Admission to these colleges will be open within a few days.

This the updated 2020 list of medical colleges under NUMS.

Now, PMC Ordinance is changed. New Ordinance will be uploaded soon.

6 thoughts on “Medical Colleges Affiliated With NUMS

  1. Is foundation uni isl is affiliated with nums??? Or can we apply only on the base of mdcat ????

  2. What about Fazia Medical college? Is it affiliated with NUMS or otherwise?

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