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2022 MDCAT Prep Books: Top 5 Recommendations

Most Recommended books for Mdcat prepration 2022

Most medical students get confused while selecting the recommended books for MDCAT. Students are not wrong in that sense, because there are many different types of books available in the markets. Academy and other private institutions have made it more difficult for students by promoting their product books.

Whether you are a fresher or a repeater, this article is for you. Here you will find the most recommended books for MDCAT and other types of tests.

So what are the recommended books for MDCAT?

I’m recommending this to you out of the personal experience of my fellow doctors and some research studies.

The first and the most important books for MDCAT preparation are your course books. MDCAT is a syllabus-based test, where the possibility of out-of-course questions is less. So to pass the Medical and Dental college admission tests, your priority should be your textbooks.

Besides your textbooks, other books that cover the entire syllabus and are the most recommended for MDCAT are Federal board textbooks. These are highly recommended books for MDCAT because they are standard, credible, and authentic books across Pakistan.
If you get some questions out of the syllabus then don’t worry, they are from federal textbooks. If you want to score high in medical and dental college entrance tests, buy these books and start your preparation from now.

Should I buy Academies’ recommended books?

In my opinion, academics are doing the worst for our students. They are selling their product by capturing your interest and need. Although, some practice books are good to purchase to enhance your capabilities of question-solving during the entrance test.
Buy one or two practice books but not more than that, because they will confuse you.

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List of practice books

Here is a shortlist of practice books you must consider:

  • ILMI MDCAT Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test from the experts atILMI
  • Smart brain MDCAT MCQS + Solved papes guide by Doggars brothers
  • SAT-I for English and Maths
  • SAT-2 for Chemistry, Physica and Biology

If you stick to a few books( especially, your textbooks), chances are more that you will clear the MDCAT. Besides the recommended books, the internet is a good source of learning. Watch related videos on YouTube and practice MCQs as much as you can. Remember, practice makes the man perfect.

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