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NMDCAT 2020: Out of Syllabus Questions

NMDCAT 2020 out of syllabus questions

As you know, PMC NMDCAT-2020 held on 29 Nov 2020, contained many out of syllabus  questions. Many people tried to highlight all the questions which are not present in the provincial textbooks. But, nobody was successful in the preparation of a single document explaining the issues of students of all the provinces.

Most of the people were totally ignoring Sindhi MDCAT students. But, by the grace of Allah Almighty, we have completed this difficult task with the help of our awesome followers. Thanks to all those students who sent us data about these issues.

NMDCAT Out Of syllabus Questions Issue

Actually, before the conduction of NMDCAT, PMC claimed many times that no question in MDCAT will be out of any FSc board’s syllabus in Pakistan. PMC kept claiming that even if students found any question out of their Fsc or MDCAT syllabus, they will be able to fill an objection form to report that MCQ, and that MCQ will be eliminated from marking.

But, once again PMC did not follow its own words. At most of the examination centers, an objection form was not provided. That was totally injustice with MDCAT students.

Even after MDCAT, VP PMC claimed that no question is out of any board’s FSC syllabus or PMC MDCAT syllabus. He said that they are not eliminating any questions from marking. Because all questions were from within the given syllabus ( and that was a white lie). However, even if students still think that any question is out of their syllabus they can inform us via e-mail.

So that we prepared a comprehensive document explaining all the Objections of MDCAT students of all the provinces. Download this document from the button given below and send it to PMC along with the text given below at the e-mail addresses given at the end of this article.

E-mail to be sent to PMC:

Subject: Out of syllabus MCQs in NMDCAT-2020

Respected Sir,
I (your name) resident of (your province and city) took NMDCAT on 29th of November 30, 2020, under roll no (your roll no). I have found some MCQs that either didn’t have a correct answer or they violated the Table of Specification laid by PMC. Furthermore, there are many questions that are not present in Punjab Text Book Board (PTB), or Sindh Text Book Board(STB), or KPK textbook.

We have prepared a document that is highlighting all the out of syllabus and wrong/faulty question appeared in MDCAT. I am attaching that document with this e-mail. My humble request to PMC is that these out of syllabus and faulty questions must be eliminated from marking or grace marks should be granted.


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E-mail addresses of PMC at which you have to send this e-mail:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Download MDCAT 2020 paper


NMDCAT 2020 out of syllabus questions of all provinces highlighted in a single document

10 thoughts on “NMDCAT 2020: Out of Syllabus Questions”

  1. My name is muneeb ur rahman ….i ask a question that should I repeat or not ….I got 164, marks in mdcat and 996 marks in fsc …….

    1. after reading our article, if you think that you can do it,…then believe in yourself, you can surely do it.

  2. i have counted the question which are not according to the all boards courses and also point outed by result pedia we want from pmc to give us grace marks and cancels the wrong mcqs.

  3. I hope that out of syllabus questions will be deleted or given grace marks .But it has not happen than we leave our reward on Allah Almighty.He is only one that give us justice.

  4. Great work .Yoy are doing alot for future doctors. Hope that out of course mcqs are deleted from the counting.In Sha Allah.

  5. A great Work indeed. You have dicatated syllabus issues in clear and reasonable way. It will prove beneficial to Mdcatians.In sha Allah

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