Author: M.Usman Ilyas

Muhammad Usman Ilyas is an MBBS student who is very passionate about learning new skills and using them to serve humanity. As he was a repeater student in MDCAT, he is having a lot of experience of medical entrance tests. He is guiding new students to make their way a little easier in this journey.

1- D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

Career counselling series (part 1): D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) is a 5-year composite degree program accredited by the Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) Govt. of Pakistan. Scope of DVM in Pakistan: The medical students are more inclined towards MBBS and other fields. But some students also go for DVM. Therefore, a limited number of […]

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MDCAT 2021…Your Queries Answered

No doubt MDCAT 2020 was the most controversial MDCAT in the history. Students suffered a lot due to PMC’s worst policies. This experience of MDCAT 2020 is creating a lot of confusions among freshers as well as repeaters for MDCAT 2021. They are expecting more and more blunders from PMC. And they are really worried […]

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From where to start MDCAT preparation??? Repeaters special

We have started a guidance series of articles for repeaters. Today you are reading part 2 of this series. In our previous post, we explained that, “who should repeat MDCAT???”. If you have not yet read that article, click here to read it. I know that many people don’t want to “waste” one year of […]

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Who should repeat MDCAT???

When a student enters the zone of MDCAT, he faces a lot of changes. He usually gets confused because of sudden changes. It’s a fact that it’s not easy for anyone to accept a sudden change in life. For this reason many intelligent and hard-working students lose their confidence and this leads them to their […]

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NMDCAT 2020 out of syllabus questions highlighted [all provinces]

As you know, PMC NMDCAT-2020 held on 29 Nov 2020, contained many questions that are not present in the textbooks of different provinces. Many people tried to highlight all the questions which are not present in the provincial textbooks. But, nobody was successful in the preparation of a single document explaining the issues of students […]

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Admission in foreign medical universites [Must Read]

It is a fact that in the past few years, the trend to get admission in MBBS in foreign medical universities especially in Kyrgyzstan, China and Russia has greatly increased. The reason is that MBBS study in these countries especially in Kyrgyzstan is relatively cheaper than MBBS study in Pakistan. But have you ever tried […]

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