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Who should repeat MDCAT???

Who should repeat MDCAT???

When a student enters the zone of MDCAT, he faces a lot of changes. He usually gets confused because of sudden changes. It’s a fact that it’s not easy for anyone to accept a sudden change in life. For this reason many intelligent and hard-working students lose their confidence and this leads them to their failure. But, the question here is that should you give up after this failure???

Of course not, in most cases. But now a lot of questions again arise. Who should repeat MDCAT? How to repeat MDCAT? What should be the strategies while repeating MDCAT? What should be the timetable of a repeater? How to manage time during the repeat year? How to focus on studies during repeat year? And so on.

So, we are starting a series of articles to provide proper guidance to repeaters especially, because the freshers of next batch are currently busy in their FSC. So, today here is the part one of this series. Read this article and also stay tuned for next parts. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Who should repeat MDCAT???

It’s a reality that the success rate of repeaters is greater than freshers, but another fact is that not all the repeaters achieve admission in MBBS. The reason is that the decision of many students  to repeat MDCAT is wrong. Everyone can not repeat MDCAT, similarly as everyone can not get admission in MBBS. So, the question is that, who should repeat MDCAT???

We can’t give the answer of this question exactly, because at the end, it depends upon the stamina, passion and other qualities of the person himself. But, we can list a few benchmarks that can help you in the decision of repeating MDCAT or NOT.

1- Your FSC marks:

It’s a reality that FSC marks matter a lot. We will suggest you that you should decide to repeat MDCAT only if you are having at least 990+ marks in FSC. It does not mean that you can not get admission if you are having fewer marks. We have seen many students securing admission in MBBS despite of having about 950 marks in FSC.

In fact there was a topper in MDCAT 2020 who was having marks in this range. But the fact is that, such cases are very rare, only if you are having strong concepts. So, consider this thing before deciding to repeat MDCAT. If you are having low marks in FSC, try to improve FSC marks as well.

2- Your Concepts:

MDCAT is mainly a game of concepts. If you are a cramming student, and you are not having strong concepts, you can not crack MDCAT, no matter how many attempts you make. So, please understand this thing. You must develop your concepts from the very beginning in FSC. If you did not do this, you can not build your concepts at this stage. You must analyse your concepts before taking a decision to repeat MDCAT.

3- Your consistency:

Repeating MDCAT is just a game of consistency. While repeating MDCAT you have a lot of free time. Many students start procrastination in this period, because they think that they can study later, and they will crack MDCAT very easily, just because they have enough time, and they are repeater. But, time is useless if it is not used wisely.

You might have heard that

“Slow and steady wins the race”

Yes, you can be a little slow in the beginning, but you should never stop. Where you stop, your journey ends. So, be consistent, study daily, give proper time to each subject.  So, before deciding to repeat, understand your nature. If you usually procrastinate, then you should not repeat MDCAT. And if you are a consistent student, you should definitely repeat MDCAT with great enthusiasm. Success is waiting for you.

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4- Your Passion:

Repeating MDCAT is not an easy task. Your every day will be more difficult than the previous one. As the time passes, the situation becomes difficult for you. You have to fight with your self, your emotions, society and sometimes your own family. So, you must have a strong “why factor”. In other words, you must be passionate about your goal. If you don’t have passion, you will be tired in this journey sooner or later. So, decide to repeat MDCAT, only if you have so much passion about your goal.

5- Your Stamina:

What is stamina? Let’s Google it. Google says that “Stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.” It means that prolonged physical and mental efforts do have a strong effect on you. The capacity to endure this effect is called stamina. And to repeat MDCAT, you must have enough stamina. Because, it is a prolonged period of physical, mental and emotional effort. If you think you don’t have so much stamina, you should not decide to repeat MDCAT.

6- Your Goal:

As I have already mentioned that, to keep moving forward, you must have a strong motive for you. And that motive is actually your goal. Before repeating MDCAT, you must set up some achievable goals for you. You must have some achievable dream in your eyes, and believe me, that goals and dreams will provide you enough energy, to reach your destination. So, if you are not having some clear, proper and achievable goals in front of your eyes, then you should not repeat MDCAT.


Next Part of this series is available now. Click Here to read part 2 of this series.

And you can ask your questions in comments.

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19 thoughts on “Who should repeat MDCAT???”

  1. I am already a repeater… My Fsc marks are 1011 and I score 177 in NMDCAT… In Matric I have 1069… But I think I will secure admsn this time… What do you say.. Should I give it another try… I am student of BS Chemistry in PU

  2. Your article such cases are rare …mdcat2020 case a student with 960 secured admission while u say its was only motive for me(having low marks in fsc..) sad💔

  3. I am repeater and i got 178 in mdcat and 1027 in fsc and 91.46% agg but i couldn’t get admission in mbbs bds. What should I do??

  4. My marks in fsc is 992 and in matric 1059
    I got 179 in nmdcat.. but i want to repeat.. is it a right decision. I have no time to improve fsc marks. I am studying in gcu lahore for bsc BIOTECHNOLOGY.. what is ur opinion? Should i repeat ya phir uni me bsc hi continue karoo

  5. I am from KPK . My Fsc Score Is 940/1100 . I was Repeater and scored 172/200 in nmdcat but unfortunately missed it within points. Now i m Studying In University. Should i give it a try along with with BS? If Yes Can you Suggest me a Strategy🙂

  6. i am repeater my self got 182 marks in nmdcat and 1002 in fsc but couldnot score in mbbs,bds yet and really not hopeful of it .should i give it one more try or not

    1. Last year I had same condition as yours,same marks in both..but I didn’t quit….Now I have 185 in Mdcat & 1016 in FSc & have secured my admission in a Public medical college of Punjab
      You must try once more…with more effort

  7. Really Inspired.
    I hope I will Acheive my goal with the Help of Allah Almighty. I will do my work with consistency & full stamina.🌠🌠🌠
    In sha Allah
    Thank you for motivation😊😊😊🙂🙂🙂

  8. Dear Sir I am going to repeat fsc marks are 901/1100 because I am from Sindh province …Heres maximum marks of FSC are 960/1100 …I cannot improve further my FSC marks because our boards are corrupt they will asking me to give 200k for marks of 20-30 so I repeat or not

  9. My physics concepts are so poor. Mbbs is my passion and love. How I clear my concepts??
    I m from Karachi board. I didnt study well in my first year so my physics is so weak. I want to learn English basics. Plz guide me.

    1. If MBBS was your love, then you must have studied from the very beginning. However, still you can improve yourself. Consult your teachers and mentors, and improve yourself….if you are having internet, then you have unlimited resources in your hand..u can clear your concepts about any topic easily.

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