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MDCAT Preparations: Where to Start?

From where to start MDCAT preparation?

We have started a guidance series of articles for repeaters. Today you are reading part 2 of this series. In our previous post, we explained that “who should repeat MDCAT??? or From where to start MDCAT preparation?/”. If you have not yet read that article, click here to read it.

I know that many people don’t want to “waste” one year of their life. Yes, these three emojis show my reaction after hearing this thing. But, it actually happens. It is quite possible that you have no issue with repeating MDCAT, but your parents, family and society don’t want you to waste one year. Yes, they call it wasting of a year. But again after hearing their concept I laugh. I know that there are many parents, who force their children to repeat MDCAT, but I am not discussion them at this point.

So, here is my point of view. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in utilizing one or two extra years of your life for the betterment of the rest of your life. But, I know that it is not easy for anyone to accept the fact that he is really going to repeat MDCAT. The reason is that, when you are a fresher, you usually hate repeaters.

Because you think that they have more chances of securing a seat. Moreover, if you are having 1000+ marks in FSC then it will even more difficult for you to accept the reality that, you are actually going to repeat MDCAT. So, here I am telling you the first thing that you should do after deciding to repeat MDCAT. That is “accepting your failure”.

From where to start MDCAT preparation?

Accepting your failure:

Yes, it is a fact that, it is not easy to accept your defeat. But, to start your journey again towards success, you must back coil a little. You must accept that you’re going to take a start from a new beginning.

But, the question here is that, how to accept this thing. Here I am going to answer this question on a scientific basis. According to a research, man takes about 21 days to accept a change. So, you must give your mind a little time to accept this. I will not suggest you, studying from the next day after your failure. If you do that, you will be exhausted, sooner or later.

So, relax a bit, may be 10 days, 20 days or maximum 25 days. And then start again. In this time, instead of just scrolling on Facebook, you can work on yourself. You can read Holy Quran. Or you can start writing something. Or you can learn a skill etc.

You must be thinking that, after taking this break from study, I may lose my interest in studies or consistency. Because time may heal my wounds. Remember, if you actually love your goal, your wounds can not be healed until you achieve your goal. You will automatically remind yourself every day about your goal. You will think about your goal every day. And this thing will keep you motivated.

Starting your Preparation:

After completing this resting period, you must start your preparation with full enthusiasm. For this you must make a timetable for yourself. But, at this stage there are usually two types of students. One type of students, join early preparation session in any academy. Other type of students don’t join early preparation session. They join regular sessions only, with freshers.

It is totally up to you that you want to join early prep session or not. Everyone has his own point of view. But, according to my point of view, a repeater should not join the early preparation session of any academy. In this period, self study is more important. Now even you can get recorded video lectures of any academy on YouTube.

You should clear your concepts from there. And as far as practise is concerned, you can use your previous practise books, and most importantly, now you can get tests of previous sessions of all academies on the internet. Many websites are offering this facility. That will surely help you out.


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Timetable to follow

Many students usually ask about the timetable a repeater should follow in early days. Remember my words, your timetable totally depends upon yourself. Don’t adopt a timetable of any other. You should make your own timetable according to your own stamina and daily routine. But, keep in mind that you should give as much time to our study as you can. And also give yourself some free time to relax. You can play something or watch TV in this time or anything you want to do.

Schedule to follow:

If you are doing your preparation at home, I will suggest you that you should prepare one unit in one day. And if the unit is long or difficult, you can also give it more time

Frequently Asked Question:

Many students ask that should they repeat MDCAT, while studying any other degree in any university. Now, again there are two types of students. First type is of those who are repeating for the first time. And the second type is of those who are repeating for 2nd or 3rd time. Both scenarios are quite different.

Listen, if you are repeating for the first time, I will personally suggest you not to do any other degree with that. If you have decided to repeat MDCAT, then you should do it with full dedication. If you are doing any other degree, then you can not focus on MDCAT properly. You must focus on MDCAT.

But, if you are repeating for the 2nd or 3rd time, you should secure admission in any degree of your choice. And let me say that, it is not impossible to succeed in this way. Many people crack MDCAT while studying in other degrees. It means that, its totally depends on you that you can manage these things or not.


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